About Our Company

We are experts in geotechnical, pavement, civil and foundation engineering. We know the local geology and the soil condition. We have a team of fully qualified professionals in the related fields and provide best services as per client satisfaction.

We can provide geotechnical / pavement / civil / foundation input for all stages of development, from initial feasibility through to investigation, design, construction and certification. Our aim is to provide professional advice, while also looking at the whole picture to ensure that a project is not only practical, but also cost effective.

Perth Geotechnics is a team of highly qualified professionals with wider range of experience in local and international arena. We provide quality of works, on timely manner within your budget. Perth Geotechnics specialises in the field of civil and geotechnical engineering, pavement engineering, foundation engineering, feasibility studies and infrastructure planning, road design engineering.

No matter how about the project small or large, residential to commercial, industrial and mining, pavement, structural and engineering, we will provide you professional and honest approach.

Our Services


Geotechnical services

  • Desktop study, feasibility analysis
  • Geological mapping, underground service locating
  • Subsurface probing, logging, sampling and testing
  • Site classification for residential, commercial and industrial
  • Geotechnical drilling, rockcore logging
  • Environmental, site contamination evaluation and assessment
  • ASS sampling, testing and assessment
  • Mining infrastructures and various construction
  • Geotechnical design parameters, data analysis, assessment
  • Ground improvement techniques
  • Multilots and rear lot subdivision
  • Bridge investigations
  • Soil bearing capacity, settlement, estimating
  • Wind classification
  • Technical report writing for the investigation work

Perth Geotechnical Enginnering

In-situ geotechnical testing

  • PSP (Perth Sand Penetrometer) test
  • DCP (Dynamic Cone Penetrometer) test
  • CPT (Cone Penetration Test)
  • SPT (Standard Penetration Test)
  • Plate Bearing Testing (PBT)
  • Infiltration/ Permeability test, Percolation test
  • Ground instrumentation installation and monitoring
  • Electrical resistivity/conductivity test
  • Thermal resistivity/conductivity test

Perth Geotechnical Enginnering

Pavement services

  • Pavement dipping, logging, sampling and testing
  • Pavement investigation
  • Pavement failure investigation and assessment
  • Pavement improvement techniques
  • Pavement design

Perth Geotechnical Enginnering

Engineering design

  • Footing design
  • Mat/ Raft foundation design
  • Pile design
  • Retaining wall design, slope analysis
  • Temporary and permanent structure
  • Stormwater drainage design
  • Infrastructure design

Perth Geotechnical Enginnering

Earthwork services

  • Level1 supervision for land development, road construction
  • Compaction testing and certification
  • Recommendation of fill material for various development

Our clients

Our clients are residential, commercial and industrial owner, mining company, local govt., builder, consultants and contractors. We deal with small to large scale project with professionally on time and budget.

We are Western Australia (WA) owned local company; We covered most of the areas of WA, such as Albany, Esperance, Margaret River, Busselton, Kalgoorlie, Geraldton, Carnarvon, Exmouth, Onslow, Karratha, Port Hedland, Newman, Broome, Kununurra etc.

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